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Susquehanna Flats

I made the trip up to the Susquehanna Flats yesterday with fellow TFPR’s Jereme, Nick, and Steve. We spent the full day fishing and well that spot is awesome. I definitely will be making routine trips up there.

The bite started out hot, but was short-lived. All of us were able to hook up almost instantly and get the skunk off. This theme continued throughout the whole day. You would find the fish, and get a red hot bite for 20-30 minutes and then it would shut down. Jereme got the big fish of the day with a striper in the lower 30s. I’m ready to go again.

On a side note, today is my birthday and my wonderful girlfriend Lauren made me a tying table. Check out the photo below.

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Saltwater bugs

Going north this weekend to try these out on something besides Shad. Hopefully I will report back with some fish!

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Chum Chum Chum

Chums are a load of fun. I don’t care what people say. Watch this and try to tell me it’s not fun. Unless they are getting in your way from Kings, I say they rule. The minor earthquake in the filming actually is me attempting to unwrap the line off my boats without falling in the gravel or losing the fish. Oh and this Chum could use a little practice with his depth perception. I think he might have been a tad bit too shallow when he tried to jump.

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In the beginning of March, I made the trip down to Southern Belize with Sam and Danny Hauser. Sam was able to organize the trip for us to stay at Billy Hawk Caye. Long story short, that place is fishing heaven. It receives no where near as much pressure as the more popular spots such as Turneffe Atoll or Ambergris Caye (which isnt even that much). We were exposed to this almost instantly when within seconds of poling we came across hordes of bonefish. Here is a video clip taken during the trip. This whole island was loaded with bones as well as many other species. And yes I am fishing from a dock for bonefish….and I caught a boat load of them.
Thanks again to Sam for setting the trip up. I have a ton more photos and videos that I will post up soon.

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Shad on top + Reds!

Threw together a quick little clip of some footage from the other day.

Shad on top from Charlie on Vimeo.

and heres a link to it on youtube if you prefer that.

Rob Choi as usual is catching more behemoths in the Hampton Roads area. Make sure to check out his latest post on his blog to see the red drum he just caught.

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Fletchers + Oddities

Parker and I met up around 11 today at Fletcher’s Boathouse in Washington, D.C. During our 1.5 hour wait, we stalked the canal for carp with no luck. Once on the water, we were greeted with hickory shad busting on the top.

Not even kidding either. Haven’t seen that before but they were pretty much everywhere on top for about an hour as long as a cloud was covering up the sun. We were able to get a bunch of fish by just casting into schools and stripping as fast as possible. Even got some good footage of takes just under the surface.

After the fish went deep, we started seeing larger fish every now and then bust on the top. We suspected they were stripers and we were right. Parker was able to get one on a clouser. A spot change later, we found ourselves on another pretty good school of fish, this time all very large. Definitely a good day. The fish are still there and feeding.

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Pro at missing fish

Heres a video from the other day at fletchers boathouse. It has been real good there the past couple weeks with fish eating just about every color of shad dart you can place in front of them at times. I have probably an hours worth of footage or more that I am going to edit down into a short clip soon but for now check this out. And no, I don’t always fish in socks.

Shad 1 from Charlie on Vimeo.

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Old Wooden Bridge fun

Here is a video containing two clips from this past fall. Lauren and I made the drive to the Lower Keys for vacation. We stayed less than a minute away from the Old Wooden Bridge and it was hard not to fish there as much as possible. I mean seriously, Tarpon less than a mile away…..booooyah.

Old Wooden Bridge from Charlie on Vimeo.

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Lunchbox and more Trouskis

Check these two videos out. The first is of the pet rainbows up at Good News River Lodge. The biggest one is named Lunchbox and lives there with many other rainbows throughout the summer. I have seen him rise on cinnamon rolls before. 

The second is a video my buddy and his friends filmed a few years ago while studying abroad in New Zealand. Quality fip for sure.



Lunchbox and gang from Charlie on Vimeo.

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Silver from the Good News

Good News Silver from Charlie on Vimeo.

Heres a clip from the past summer while working at Good News River Lodge on the Good News River in Alaska. This was taken at one of the best spots around camp. Only a short walk away and often times this spot resulted in a first cast fish. Pardon the groceries on the gravel bar by the way. Many more to come soon as well as an edit or two. Photo of the fish below. Gooooood times.


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