Fletchers + Oddities

Parker and I met up around 11 today at Fletcher’s Boathouse in Washington, D.C. During our 1.5 hour wait, we stalked the canal for carp with no luck. Once on the water, we were greeted with hickory shad busting on the top.

Not even kidding either. Haven’t seen that before but they were pretty much everywhere on top for about an hour as long as a cloud was covering up the sun. We were able to get a bunch of fish by just casting into schools and stripping as fast as possible. Even got some good footage of takes just under the surface.

After the fish went deep, we started seeing larger fish every now and then bust on the top. We suspected they were stripers and we were right. Parker was able to get one on a clouser. A spot change later, we found ourselves on another pretty good school of fish, this time all very large. Definitely a good day. The fish are still there and feeding.

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