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Goodnews Video

This past summer Trev Gowdy’s came up to GRL and filmed an episode of Monster fish. Pretty awesome stuff.

Make sure to take a peak to check out how big some of the kings get up there.

I won’t be going back this year due to my job and well I already miss it and its June. Hope everyone has a killer time this summer.

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Hackleheads 1

Threw together a short clip from the past year. It includes footage from Goodnews, Belize, and DC. Will try to do more of these in the future. The first 2 sections were filmed on a gopro (and not very well) and the last is with a Canon t2i. Enjoy!

Hackleheads 1 from Charlie on Vimeo.

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More chums

Well Chums are pretty easy to catch. On my breaks, I often would go fish for them. They eat streamers as well as poppers and pull pretty damn hard….oh and they are easy to catch. This clip is taken literally right above camp. This spot began to hold fish in July and was pretty awesome for all of July. Didn’t exactly land this fish but the fight was pretty awesome.

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Chum Chum Chum

Chums are a load of fun. I don’t care what people say. Watch this and try to tell me it’s not fun. Unless they are getting in your way from Kings, I say they rule. The minor earthquake in the filming actually is me attempting to unwrap the line off my boats without falling in the gravel or losing the fish. Oh and this Chum could use a little practice with his depth perception. I think he might have been a tad bit too shallow when he tried to jump.

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Lunchbox and more Trouskis

Check these two videos out. The first is of the pet rainbows up at Good News River Lodge. The biggest one is named Lunchbox and lives there with many other rainbows throughout the summer. I have seen him rise on cinnamon rolls before. 

The second is a video my buddy and his friends filmed a few years ago while studying abroad in New Zealand. Quality fip for sure.



Lunchbox and gang from Charlie on Vimeo.

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Silver from the Good News

Good News Silver from Charlie on Vimeo.

Heres a clip from the past summer while working at Good News River Lodge on the Good News River in Alaska. This was taken at one of the best spots around camp. Only a short walk away and often times this spot resulted in a first cast fish. Pardon the groceries on the gravel bar by the way. Many more to come soon as well as an edit or two. Photo of the fish below. Gooooood times.


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