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Carp Rising

I had surgery on Monday and can’t fish for about another week or so….It is torture with this weather being as nice as it is.

That being said, here is a solid clip of a carp rising from last weekend.

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K-12 schoolies + some rises

Parker and I ended up hitting the potomac today after a brief stop in the canal. The canal ended up with one missed carp and a lot of good carp footage. The potomac proved to be more productive. Countless stripers and even more perch (not stoked), hickory shad, a mystery shad, largemouth bass, and several snakehead sightings.

Stripers ranged from as small as a couple inches to a few who came close to maybe 18 inches. I was really impressed with the dedication I saw at the river. On the Virginia side, I actually saw some repel down a ledge with nets (no rods) to fish. Very impressed.

Here are a couple screenshots and images from the day.

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Parker eats carp for lunch

I don’t even know where to start with this. A full days work comes with at max one hour of a lunch break. While I was being a scrub and eating chiptole for lunch, Parker was on his bike headed over to the C&O canal.

In one hour he was able to:
– Bike nearly past Georgetown from the downtown area
– Find a carp
– Feed a carp a mulberry fly he tied last night
– Land the carp with the help of a random jogger passing by. She held the rod and Parker nets the fish (yes, only a boss would bring a net to his office)
– Get a photo of the carp and release it
– Bike a few miles back to work
– Get cleaned up and back on the office grind

I was impressed to say the least when he let me know he got one. Check out the photos below. They are priceless.

Oh and the mulberry fly….all of the materials were bought from CVS. He whipped it up last night and didnt have time to run and get real materials. The foam and stem is a foot cushion. A coat hanger was used to give it a little weight.

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The Delta Trout Force

Check out this spread that Parker and his buddy Danny have in Catch Magazine. Prior to living here, he went to school out in Denver and apparently lived the good life fishing for trout. While you are at it, make sure to check out DTF’s website for some quality fish pron.

Parker has been sending me texts of monster carp munching on mulberrys that he has come across during his lunch break at work. Seeing as his office is only two blocks away, I might have to try out the fly below sometime soon. I know its not pretty but hopefully they will eat it just for the effort.

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