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Striped Bass Stocks

I agree with this 100%. Hopefully something gets done soon.

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Stripers and Beaches

The past 2 weeks consisted of the outer banks and Virginia Beach. The outer banks was pretty much a bust with high winds. No fish but got a few cool photos.

Virginia beach went better w/ some stripers and hickory shad (?????????) caught on fly. Ended up having to do a fly switch to get the shad to leave me alone. Never had that happen down there before. The water was glass calm and it wasn’t exactly freezing.

Not many photos taken in Virginia Beach as I was on little sleep and opted not to take the DSLR out on the kayak.

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.32.30 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.32.53 PM

Screen Shot 2012-12-02 at 9.33.06 PM




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And I’m back

So I blame the lack of posts on moving to a new place and not because I haven’t been fishing.

Regardless, I am about to post 20-30 photos of some fish from the past couple months over the next few days.

Enjoy. Then its off to OBX for thanksgiving, VB for some rocks, and then to NY to give steelheading a shot.

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K-12 schoolies + some rises

Parker and I ended up hitting the potomac today after a brief stop in the canal. The canal ended up with one missed carp and a lot of good carp footage. The potomac proved to be more productive. Countless stripers and even more perch (not stoked), hickory shad, a mystery shad, largemouth bass, and several snakehead sightings.

Stripers ranged from as small as a couple inches to a few who came close to maybe 18 inches. I was really impressed with the dedication I saw at the river. On the Virginia side, I actually saw some repel down a ledge with nets (no rods) to fish. Very impressed.

Here are a couple screenshots and images from the day.

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Hackleheads 1

Threw together a short clip from the past year. It includes footage from Goodnews, Belize, and DC. Will try to do more of these in the future. The first 2 sections were filmed on a gopro (and not very well) and the last is with a Canon t2i. Enjoy!

Hackleheads 1 from Charlie on Vimeo.

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Fletchers + Oddities

Parker and I met up around 11 today at Fletcher’s Boathouse in Washington, D.C. During our 1.5 hour wait, we stalked the canal for carp with no luck. Once on the water, we were greeted with hickory shad busting on the top.

Not even kidding either. Haven’t seen that before but they were pretty much everywhere on top for about an hour as long as a cloud was covering up the sun. We were able to get a bunch of fish by just casting into schools and stripping as fast as possible. Even got some good footage of takes just under the surface.

After the fish went deep, we started seeing larger fish every now and then bust on the top. We suspected they were stripers and we were right. Parker was able to get one on a clouser. A spot change later, we found ourselves on another pretty good school of fish, this time all very large. Definitely a good day. The fish are still there and feeding.

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